Leadership at MBC is centered on serving. Our leaders at every level seek to serve you, love you and lead you well. Meet some of the good folks leading our church family.


The staff of Midlothian Bible
Church leads and equips the church
for mission.


Matt Reynolds

Ryan Clark

Leah Austin

Mike Hogue

Nancy Wilkins

Lydia Weldy

Zeke Garcia

Heather Hogue

Edna Vara

Stan Valdez

Sherri Hatcher

Stephanie Vest

Corbin Wadkins


Elders are the servant leaders of Midlothian Bible Church. Together, they humbly seek to hear from Jesus and help us follow Jesus’ leadership of Midlothian Bible.

  • Matt Reynolds (Lead Pastor)
  • Gary Greer
  • Dan Baucum
  • L.K.  Lewis
  • Dale Ford
  • Gatlan Turk
  • Andy Keener
  • Paul Schrodt
  • Dave  Smith


Deacons  are servant helpers who keep the mission of Midlothian Bible moving forward.

  • Skip Wickersham
  • Sam Rodgers
  • Wally McWhorter
  • Stan Baucum
  • Doug Roberts
  • Bent Staalsen
  • Scott BeVier
  • Tyler Larsen



The Senior Pastor at MBC is Matt Reynolds. He holds a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary and a BA in Elementary Education from Cedarville College. He has served as a pastor both in Missouri and Texas for the last 20 years, but he joined the staff here at MBC in December of 2014. Matt has been married to Elizabeth since 1998 and they have three teenage children: Madeline, Hannah, and Samuel. contact me.

Ryan Clark is the Worship Leader here at MBC.  He divides his time between our church and the company, American Woodmark, where he has worked for the last 19 years and is an engineering manager.  He joined the staff at MBC part-time in October of 2012.  Ryan is married to Dena (since 1993) and they have three young-adult children (Jordan, Joselynn, and Gunner) and one child in elementary school (Gracelynn).  In his spare time, Ryan enjoys playing guitar, singing, and wood-working.

contact me.

Our MBC Student Ministries Assistant is Leah Austin. Prior to joining the MBC youth staff team, she taught for two years and then served on the administration team at NABS, a preschool in Midlothian, for four years. Leah has grown up here at MBC, and you’ll often see her appear as a cute toddler in early church photographs. She formally joined the MBC staff team in 2013. Leah has been married to Chad since 1997. They have two young adult children: Will and Sara Grace. When not at the church, she loves to spend time with her family & friends. She also enjoys reading and cooking. contact me.

Mike Hogue is the Associate Pastor at MBC. This is a second career for him as he served as a pilot in the USAF for 22 years. He graduated from the USAF Academy in 1991 with BS degrees in Mathematics and Operations Research, and he got his MS in Computer Science from Texas Tech in 1995. After retiring from the USAF, Mike attended Dallas Theological Seminary where he got his ThM in 2017. He came on staff at MBC in July of 2019. Mike has been married to C3 Specialist, Heather Hogue, since 1991 and they have two adult children (Elizabeth and Abby), a current UT Longhorn and ROTC cadet (Josh), and a high-schooler (Chloe). Although on the mend from shoulder surgery, Mike loves playing racquetball & the guitar, computer programming, and going to estate sales on Saturday mornings with his wife, Heather.

contact me.

Nancy Wilkins is MBC’s Financial Secretary. She has a BS Cell and Molecular Biology from California State University, San Marcos (2000). Before “retiring” to homeschool her children, she worked as a scientist and technical writer for 2 pharmaceutical companies in San Diego. She also has her MA in Counseling from B.H. Carroll Theological Institute (2018). She joined the staff here at MBC in 2018.

Family (spouse & children with ages): Tim (married since 2002), Alison (17), Mandy (15), Evan (13), and Josh (12)

Outside interests/what you do in your spare time: Reading, playing games with my kids, jigsaw puzzles, playing flute & saxophone.

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Lydia Weldy is our MBC Children's Ministry Director. She has a BS in Food Science from Texas A&M (2009) and an AAS in Dental Hygiene (2007). She joined the staff at MBC in August of 2018. Lydia is married her foil, Christopher, and they have three children: Otto, Meredith, and Edison. When not renovating their new fixer-upper “lake” house, her interests include gardening, sewing, and grocery shopping. contact me.

Ezekiel (Zeke) Garcia is the MBC Student Ministries’ Pastor.  Prior to coming on staff in May of 2020, he worked at various times as a worship pastor, youth pastor, and camp counselor in Arkansas and Missouri.  He is also a Christian Hip Hop artist.  Zeke has been married to Karlee since 2012 and they have three children (with another arriving in November 2020!).  Zeke’s interests include writing, playing, and recording music.  He enjoys playing sports of any kind—but he especially likes basketball. He also enjoys spending time with his family, game nights, and going to the movies.contact me.

Our MBC C3 (Communications, Community, and Connections) Specialist is Heather Hogue. She has a certificate of Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University (1991), a BA in English from Texas Tech (1994), and an MSEd from Old Dominion University (2011). She taught middle and high school English for 13 years before coming on staff at MBC in July of 2019. She has been married to Associate Pastor, Mike Hogue, since 1991. Be sure to ask about how they met as military brats in high school. It’s a great story. They have two college graduates (Elizabeth and Abby), a current UT Longhorn (Josh), and a high schooler (Chloe). She spends most of her free time looking for interesting (or not so interesting) items at estate-sales in the DFW area with Mike. contact me.

Job title: Children’s Ministry Assistant

Educational background/work experience: Before moving to Midlothian, I was a licensed real estate appraiser for Erath County. In 2004, I left my career to be a stay at home mom. In 2011 we moved to Midlothian. Soon after I began substitute teaching and office clerk for MISD campuses. Currently in children’s ministry, which I love!

How long at MBC: I’ve been a member of MBC since 2012. Have been on staff since 2017 I believe??(Need to ask Nancy to be for sure.)

Family (spouse & children with ages): Married: Have been married to Ramiro for 31 years. Kids: Chriselda {Chris} - 30 (married to David Penn, granddaughter-Brinley-6 and another granddaughter on the way in April), Abigal {Abby} 24 - (married to Ernan Vasquez, two granddaughters - Myranda-5 and Carolina-4) Lucas - 15, and Isaac - 13

Outside interests/what you do in your spare time: Spending time with family and listening to music.

contact me.

Stanley Valdez currently leads the MBC middle school students. He has a BA in Communications from UTA and a MEd in Curriculum & Instruction from UNTD. He is currently a public school educator and has been for 18 years. He joined the staff at MBC in August of 2016. He is married to Veronica (since 2000) and they have three high schoolers (Michaya, Noah, Vincent) and an adorable toddler named Piper. Stan enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, and studying the Bible.

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The MBC IT Administrator is Sherri Hatcher. Sherri attended Angelo State University and Texas State Technical College. She was the Network / VoIP Specialist for City of Irving and owned a healthy vending business for four years. She also is a Certified Health Coach through IIN. She was the MBC Youth Secretary for two years and has served MBC as an IT professional for the past 10 years as both a volunteer and employee. She married Bill Hatcher in 2001. They became a blended family with each having two sons from previous marriages, and they adopted a son in 2006. They also have two young grandsons and want everyone to know that being grandparents is awesome! Sherri loves to read and learn new skills. She also has a hobby garden where she plays around with growing herbs and vegetables. contact me.

Stephanie Vest is our MBC Preschool Ministry Coordinator. She has a BA in Mathematics from San Diego State University and was a high school math teacher for eight years. She joined the staff here in July of 2017. Stephanie is married to Tom and has been since 2009. They have two young children: Thomas and Eleanor. She’d like you to know that she has no spare time because she and Tom are new homeowners, but she does enjoy coffee, cookies, and Chick-Fil-A with my family and friends. She also has an off-and-on-again relationship with reading and running when she is not watching shows and playing games with her family. contact me.

Name: Corbin Wadkins
Job title: Ministry Intern
Educational background/work experience: I received my undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies from South Western Baptist Theological Seminary and will be attending Dallas Theological Seminary in pursuit of ThM. I have worked in Church youth ministry for 6 years, as well 7 summers serving at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Encampment.
Joined the staff at MBC: 11 March 2020
Outside interests/what you do in your spare time: I enjoy many outdoor activities such as cliff jumping, disc golf, and rock climbing. I also enjoy a variety of video games and table top games.

Corbin Wadkins is the new ministry intern at MBC as of March 2020. He received his BS in Biblical Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2018. Corbin will be starting a ThM program with a focus on biblical counseling in the fall of 2020 at Dallas Theological Seminary. Previously, he worked for six years in various roles at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Camp. He currently serves in the MBC Middle School ministry and began MBC’s YAMs (Young Adult Ministry) program in 2019. In his free time, he enjoys many outdoor activities such as cliff jumping, disc golf, and rock climbing. He also likes playing games that let him interact and enjoy the company of others.
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