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The city of Midlothian and the surrounding area is experiencing much growth and transition.

Where there were once only farm and ranch lands, we are now seeing housing developments, new businesses, and busy streets. These changes bring new opportunities, but underneath the surface, many people are still struggling.

None of us has life figured out, and there are times that life can feel like one, big disappointment. Jesus offers something different. By BELIEVING in Him and BELONGING to an authentic community of Christ-followers, know that you can find purpose, hope, healing, and so much more.

Come be BUILT UP instead of torn down. We want you to BE STRONG in the Lord, so you can impact the world with His love!


We all have a story that shapes who we are. Here’s the story of Midlothian Bible Church and our desire to share good news with our community. MBC had humble beginnings, starting as a small informal Bible study in 1971 by Ed and Coralee Murray. Their desire to share the good news of Jesus soon led them from Midlothian to Austria. In turn, their original Bible study, and another led by David and Mary Wyrtzen, merged and became a church plant with David serving as the founding pastor, beginning July 15, 1973.

After 40+ years of sacrificial leadership, David passed his leadership role to Matt Reynolds in 2014. Matt brings another generation of vigor and passion to the founding focus of MBC, knowing and loving Jesus by continuing steadfastly in His Word for the good of Midlothian and beyond.


Jesus Offers Us Something So Great

Jesus offers each of us something so great and transforming: the unchanging love of a Perfect Father. That’s why the lens of Midlothian Bible Church is focused on one hero: Jesus. We bring people together through the Gospel—who Jesus is and what he’s done on our behalf—and build mature followers of Christ—living all of life in light of Jesus.

If you’re ready for a change at the heart level, come follow Jesus with us.

Core Values

We seek to help each other move forward in four things: Believing, Belonging, Building Up and Being Strong. We follow Jesus together for L.I.F.E. according to our key values.

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Believe. Belong. Build Up. Be Strong.

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