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Welcome to Legacy Grandparenting!

We are excited to start a grandparenting ministry here at MBC in partnership with Legacy Coalition.

Our Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to help grandparents understand and embrace the impact of their biblical role.
  • Studies show that grandparents are the second most influential people in their grandchildren's lives.
  • 74% of grandparents say this is their most important role in this season of their life.
  • 95% of grandparents say they have never heard a sermon or attended a class to equip them for this role.

Current Opportunities

Grandparenting Matters Seminar 

Join us for a six week seminar series.

Learn what the Bible says about your influence as a grandparent. Discover ways to strengthen your relationships with your adult children and influence your grandchildren spiritually. Connect with other grandparents who share similar experiences.

Join us by registering here. 


Grandparenting Matters

6 week Seminar 

Meets here at MBC

Sunday Mornings, 10:45 AM

Room A202/203

September 11th - October 16th



Online Opportunities

Grand Monday Nights

National weekly webinar airing on Monday evenings @ 7PM with a replay offer during the week and messages on demand. The National program is presented by Legacy Coalition and is available here.

Live Events

Legacy Grandparenting Summit ( October 21-22,2022 |LIVE IN JACKSONVILLE, FL & 100+ SIMULCAST SITES

Experience the only national conference on Christian grandparenting. Go here to find out more.

Resources available to you.

Legacy Coalition Blogs

Online Articles on Grandparenting that encourage, provide advice and share creative ideas for activities with your grandchildren. click here.

Legacy Podcasts 

Sessions with Nationally recognized speakers like Dr. Gary Chapman, Josh McDowell and more who cast vision and teach transformational principles. click here.

more resources available

Legacy Coalition Resource Partners - click here

Books, DVD's, workbooks, and more to help you in your grandparenting journey.

Legacy Coalition Grandparenting Store-click here








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