MBC WEEKLY NEWS – October 8, 2020

weekly update –  10/8/2020


I must admit that I’m a little sad to have finished our study of Second Timothy.  First, it means the summer is over. Second, I just love the imagery Paul uses in the book. The word pictures which compare the Christian life to that of a soldier–my personal favorite because of my military wife & brat background, an athlete, and a farmer have always resonated with me. I like the reminder that the Christian life isn’t straight-forward, quick, or easy.

But we’re on to a new series now–Growing As Disciples Who Make Disciples! If you haven’t already purchased a workbook through your Sunday school class/LIFE group, please send me an email and I’ll put on aside for you!  Some of the topics in store for us on this journey are: Our Position in Christ, Intimacy with God—the Disciplines of Devotion and Prayer, and Lifestyle Choices in the Real World.  This Sunday, Pastor Matt will take on Issue Two in the book: “What Must I Do to Be Saved?”  You don’t want to miss it!

We’ve been going through the workbook as a staff, and I’m enjoying it.  Even if you have been a Christian your entire life, you may not feel comfortable walking a new believer through some of these issues.  The workbook and Matt’s series of sermons should go a long way toward helping us here at MBC fulfill our vision for 2020: Pursuing Followership over Spectatorship by growing as disciples of Christ who make disciples of Christ.

This past Sunday we jumped head-first into one of these fundamentals of the Christian life with Matt’s message about the conversion experience and the story of Saul from Acts 9.  Do any of you remember listening to books on tape?  Those of you old enough may even recall the sound of Tinker Bell’s wand reminding you to turn the page for the Disney stories on cassette.  I also owned a series of cassettes called “Bible Times” narrated by the incomparable Burl Ives.  My absolute favorite tape of the series was the story of Saul’s conversion, and that was what came to mind as Paul Schrodt read the story from Acts 9.  When Burl Ives told the story, I would close my eyes and hear the tension in the cries of men, women, and children when Saul broke down their door to arrest them. I heard the electronic zing for the lightning bolt and the boom of the Lord calling, “SAUL! SAUL! WHY ARE YOU PERSECUTING ME?” I could hear the terror in Ananias’ voice when he agreed to go where Saul was staying.  But the best part were all the astonished voices at the end of the tape that discussed Saul’s transformed life.

As Matt mentioned, the story of Saul should remind us all that no one is beyond hope. No one is beyond the grasp of God’s grace. God is in the business of changing lives. We must believe that. We must never give up praying for the salvation of our friends, loved ones, bosses, coworkers, elected leaders…anyone who doesn’t know Christ as his/her Savior. And just like the story of Saul reminds us, we can take hope! While cassette players and books on tape have gone the way of the dinosaur, our God has not.  He is still in the business of changing lives today–even the most unlikely!


MBC At Large

  • Wow!!!  Our “Bringing in the Harvest” Challenge for Manna House raised over $3131!!!  Thank you all for your generous donations to this great ministry!  Congratulations to the following who won prizes in the raffle:
    • Keith and Janet Hearn                   $100 Chick-Fil-A gift card
    • Jason and Christina Carter            Manna House t-shirts
    • Elias and Kelli Naatz
    • Hansel and Gayle Stack                Manna House aprons
    • Judy Estrada
    • Suanne McDermott
    • Dianna Pierce
    • Elizabeth Todd
    • Jo Falco                                         Manna House tumbler
  • Please come by the church office to pick up your prizes.  In addition, everyone is invited to come by my office to get a Manna House pen and bracelet (while supplies last).  Don’t forget to use your Heaven’s Attic coupons!
  • Many Sunday school classes have begun to meet here at the church at 9am including the Beviers’ class, Paul Schrodt and Gatlan Turk’s class, Pam Curry’s class for the women of MBC, and the Arendsees’s Spiritual Formation class.  Call or email the church office (972-723-0002) for more info or to figure out which class is right for you!
  • We need greeters!  If you are not in a high risk category, would you consider joining our Hospitality team as a Greeter?  Please contact Cathy Spurlock (cathydspurlock@aim.com) for more information.

MBC Kids

  • We are getting ready to offer Children’s Church at our 10:30am service starting at the beginning of November!  In addition, we plan to begin Sunday school for kids shortly thereafter.  Many of our prior volunteers are high-risk for COVID, creating a need for more workers.  If you feel led to stand in the gap and help with this important ministry, please contact Lydia Weldy (lydia.weldy@midlothianbible.org).

MBC Students

  • Tyler Larson has started a class for middle and high school students on how to study the Bible.  Students may join him at 9am on Sundays in the Hospitality room for a closer look at Ephesians and free donuts!  Also, there will be a lock-in for Senior High students only on Friday, October 16th.  Contact Zeke Garcia or Leah Austin (leah.austin@midlothianbible.org) for more information.

As the election gets closer, please keep our country and its leaders in your prayers as we are commanded to do in 1 Timothy 2:1-4. And remember that just like Saul, no one–no one–is beyond God’s reach.  Take time to pray for your unsaved loved ones (and not so loved ones) today.

In service to Him and to you!
Heather Hogue