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Weekly Update – March 31, 2020

Hey, MBC Family!

Sermon Recap:

I really connected with two of the illustrations Matt used in his sermon, Choosing Faith over Fear, Anxiety, and Worry: Listen to Wisdom, Learn to Trust God.

First, I identified with Matt’s visual aid of the backpack.  As he packed it full of books, we could all see it get heavier and heavier.  It was easy to picture how that could weigh a person down (Prov 12:25). A heavy backpack is even worse when you try and carry it by only one strap.  Matt and I are about the same age, so I can verify that the “cool” way to carry a backpack when we were in high school was to wear it over only one shoulder.  I even had to go see a doctor for back pain in high school because I routinely carried such a heavy backpack on just one shoulder.  The doctor ordered me to lighten up and use both straps. 

That illustration reminded me a little of my life right now.  I need to lighten up my backpack. And I need to put on both straps.  I need to take out some of the “books” that are causing me stress right now—“books” like how stay healthy during a pandemic, “books” like how to make it through a financial crisis, “books” like how to take care of elderly parents, and others.  Are your titles similar to mine?  If so, let’s put them down together. We don’t need to be carrying around that weight right now. We only need One Book.  Also, we need to put on both straps!!!  Proverbs 3:5-6 says that when we trust God (strap 1) and lean on Him rather than our own understanding (strap 2), He will make our way straight.  He’s got a journey ahead of us, and we can trust that He’ll direct us in the way to go and provide what we need to make it all the way to the end!

Second, I connected with Matt’s description of worry as a leash that can choke.  When Matt described their new puppy, Ruby, wrapped around the pole in his backyard, it reminded me of when Mike and I were first married.  Instead of having kids right away, we adopted two very large dogs—a German Shepherd and a Chow/Shepherd/Rottweiler mix (140 lbs).  We enjoyed them (mostly), and I think they enjoyed being our pets except for when we went to visit Mike’s parents.  No matter how cold or wet it was, our dogs had to stay outside at their house.  And Mike’s parents’ yard wasn’t fenced. So that meant that our dogs spent their time tied up to a tree in their front yard.  Once, Mike’s dad even forgot (at least he says he forgot) to turn off their automatic sprinkler system.  We woke up early that morning to the frantic crying of two wet and shivering dogs, crazy out of their minds, and nose-to-nose with each other because they were completely wound up around the tree. 

Too often, I’m like that.  I start off okay, and I leave plenty of room for my mind to just “roam.”  But if I let my mind wander into “worry territory,” I get more and more frantic.  Before I know it, whatever issue I was struggling with suddenly is bigger and more frightening, and I’m wrapped in a leash of worry around my own tree of despair, barely able to breathe.  A verse that helps me when I find myself in this position is 2 Cor 10:5.  It says, “We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God. We are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.”  Take that worry!  I use that exhortation to help me cut the leash of worry from my thoughts!  It takes work and concentration, but it’ worth it.  The freedom from worry that follows is glorious.

Finally, a part of Matt’s sermon which made me laugh (besides several of the closed captions) was when he described how he hid the “lunch notes of encouragement” his mom wrote him when he was younger. I can picture Jacqueline Reynolds penning Proverbs 3:5-6 in beautiful handwriting to encourage her son when he sat down to eat his lunch.  And I can picture him trying to keep his friends from reading those notes.  It reminded me of how I used to draw bugs flying airplanes on Mike’s brown paper lunch bags to let him know I loved him when he was in pilot training.  (It’s a stretch, I know…) I can only imagine now how embarrassed he must have been pulling those out in front of his classmates!  However, just like Matt’s mom used an “unconventional method” to encourage her son, we need to use all the tools in our creative arsenal to help the ones we love to stand firm in the Lord against attacks of fear, anxiety, and worry.


  • The MBC Prayer Team needs YOU!  If you are interested in joining our staff in praying for the requests of the body each week, please reply to this email by clicking here.
  • Doug Arendsee’s class “Engaging Mind and Culture” will be starting up again via Zoom THIS WEEK, on THURSDAY nights at 7pm to give more people the opportunity to attend.  This will also hopefully help free up bandwidth in your homes since ReGen and our MBC Student ministry programs are still meeting remotely on Wednesday evenings!  Please email him by clicking here if you’re interested., and he will send you a link to the Zoom meeting!  
  • Mike Hogue would also love to have you “Zoom” in for his Sunday night Revelation Bible Study!  Please email him (click here) if you’re interested in joining his 6pm meeting!
  • Don’t forget to visit the MBC YouTube channel (click here) to view past sermon streams, “Songs to Encourage,” help for homeschooling your kids, and entertaining Bible stories.  We try and add content almost everyday.  Over the last two weeks, our content has been viewed over 1700 times by over 600 unique viewers!  Next up!  A 14 day fitness challenge for ladies! If you have ideas for new material, let me know by clicking here.  Be sure to check it out! 
  • Thank you for continuing to watch the live streams of our service and for continuing to send in your gifts!  We have heard your feedback, and while the closed captions were a good idea in theory, we will be removing them from the stream this week.  Let us know if you have any other suggestions to improve the digital delivery of the service!

On that note, let’s be sensitive to those around us this week. Just like Matt’s mom and her “lunch notes of encouragement,”  we need to get creative and help reassure the people in our lives that no matter how bad this gets, with Christ, we don’t need to be filled with fear, anxiety, or worry.  We just need to have faith and trust in our Heavenly Father.

He’s got this.  And He’s got us, too.

In service to Him and to you,
Heather Hogue

Weekly Update – March 25, 2020

Hey, MBC Family!

The theme of Matt’s message this past Sunday was replacing fear with prayerful dependence on God.  I loved that.  However, in appropriate amounts, fear can be a gift from God.  It heightens our senses and makes us more aware of our surroundings.  It is essential for survival.  So where is the balance between fear and prayerful dependence?  Can we embrace a sharpening of our senses while still maintaining a sense of peace and calm?  As I talked with Mike about intersection of healthy fear and faith, I came up with an example which might help explain how we can have both—a little bit of fear overcome by a whole lot of faith and dependence on our Heavenly Father.

Mike and I both love roller coasters.  I went on my first roller coaster during a choir competition at Hershey Park (Pennsylvania) when I was in the 8th grade, and from that day on I was hooked.  Mike, being a pilot, has always loved amusement park rides that go fast and high up in the air (Except those that spin. Mike hates spinning. In fact, spinning to any pilot is very bad. Go watch the movie Top Gun if you don’t believe me.) So when we have visited amusement parks, we like to “help” our children overcome their innate fear of these high-speed steel trains.  Usually we “help” them by offering some sort of delayed gratification or reward for them to enjoy AFTER they ride (yes, purists might call that a bribe, but hear me out).

To motivate our first-born to ride the “Superman” roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, she only needed the promise of a $20 bill. Done. Our son, Josh, was even easier.  He overcame his fear of the “Rockin’ Roller Coaster” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with the promise of a frozen lemonade. Chloe rode Space Mountain and came home with a Stitch stuffed animal.  Our second-born’s story had a similar beginning, but included a twist.

One trip to Disney World, Abby saw a tye-dyed, rainbow t-shirt at the “Rockin’ Roller Coaster” gift shop and her eyes shined with longing. It was the perfect incentive for us to use to help her overcome her fear.  While she was just tall enough to meet the minimum height requirement for the ride, she was filled with the maximum amount of terror.  This bore itself out as she cried quiet tears the entire time we snaked our way through queue. We finally got to the front of the line.  Mike ducked out to ride in a car with our other daughter, and I was left as Abby’s “Ride Buddy.” 

We strapped in and pulled down the safety bars.  Abby was openly sobbing at this point, and I was starting to feel a blush of embarrassment as others looked at me in harsh judgment.  I continued to console her and reminded her of the prize that waited for her at the end of the ride—the beautiful rainbow t-shirt.  It didn’t help.  By this time, even I was praying that we could just get the whole episode behind us.  Then, one of the ride attendants looked at Abby, at me, back at Abby, and signaled for the ride operator to halt. The. Entire. Ride. 

He approached the side of the car that Abby was on, and got down on his knees so he was eye-to-eye with Abby, and stated with no apology whatsoever, “Young lady, we are about creating magic here.  If you don’t want to ride this ride, your mother cannot make you.” And with that he gave me an evil, condescending glare, as did everyone else standing in the line waiting to ride the next train.  I was mortified and looked away while trying to shrink into the back of my seat. Mike pretended like he had never seen either of us before. “Now if you, and not your mother, really want to ride this ride, you need to give me a thumbs up.  If you don’t, we’ll get you off right here and there’s nothing your mom can do about it. But only look at me. Not your mom. I need to see your thumb up.”

“So what will it be?”

All of us held our breath.  I was almost afraid to look.  But I had to know!  What would she choose???  I caught a glimpse of her fist out of the corner of my eye.  At first, it just looked as though she was getting ready to punch the seat back in front of her.  However, her thumb creeped upward, and before I fully saw what happened, the ride attendant yelled out, “Okay then!” and we took off.

I couldn’t see much of her during the actual ride, but after the first loop, I did see that she managed to crack a tearful smile.  By the end of the ride, she was beaming.  Not only had she conquered her fear, she knew a prize was waiting for her in the gift shop.  The rainbow t-shirt.

So how does all this relate to corona virus and Matt’s sermon on overcoming fear with prayerful dependence?

  My point is this–Abby was able to overcome her fear because:

  1. She wanted the reward.
  2. She trusted us. 

She knew that we would be faithful to our word. If she faced her fear, we would reward her in the end.

Break. Break. Life is hard.  Life is also scary.  Sometimes, it feels like a roller coaster.  (Do you see where I am going with this?)  However, our Heavenly Father has made a promise to us.  Many promises, actually. Including, but not limited to:

  • He will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5b-6).  
  • We can do all things through His strength (Phil 4:13).
  • He will reward us when we remain steadfast under trial (James 1:12)

These rewards may not be on this earth, but they are coming.  And according to Ephesians 3:20, they’re exceedingly, abundantly more than we could even ask or imagine. 

Sometimes, we just need to grab onto our heavenly Father’s hand, suck in our breath, and get ready for the ride.  It might feel too fast. Too steep. Too scary.  But God’s got this.  He designed the ride.  He knows it isn’t going to fail.  And He has promised us a special reward at the end. The fact that God raised Jesus from the dead shows that He is all-powerful.  He can be trusted to do what He says. And, just like the rainbow on Abby’s desired t-shirt can remind us, God always keeps His promises.


  • To be honest, we’re all kind of watching to see how the COVID-19 crisis will play out.  Mike and I live in Tarrant County and as of midnight tonight, we are ordered to stay in our homes.  We’ve heard that Ellis County has issued their own order.  While we won’t be in the office, I know the entire staff wants to stay connected to all of you.  Please continue to email us your prayer requests, questions, and feedback. (Click here)  While there won’t be someone there answer your calls, PLEASE leave a voicemail!  This goes straight to my inbox as an email.  I WILL CALL YOU BACK!
  • The building will now be closed, but we want to do everything we can to stay connected to you. In fact, we will be live streaming our Wednesday night youth worship and teaching time on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.  I will send out these links as they become available tomorrow. We are particularly excited to have people join us because the worship and teaching will both be led by Ezekiel Garcia, one of our youth pastor candidates!  Youth will have the chance to join small group breakouts via zoom after the main session by clicking on one of the following links:
  • I hope you’ve gone ahead and subscribed to our YouTube channel!  Click here This is where we will be live streaming all of our sermons from in the future.  In addition, we add new content almost everyday, and I have curated playlists for encouraging songs, Bible stories for kids, devotions for women, KETO recipes, movie reviews, and Bible study aids.  Matt will also be launching his “Psalms to Calm the Soul” series there soon.  And we’d love to put up even more of your content!  So record yourself playing a favorite hymn on the guitar or piano. Talk about something the Lord has been teaching you.  Share a way to get through a tough teaching day with your kids.  And send me the link to the video.  I’d love to include you in this online community.
  • As I mentioned, the service this Sunday will be live-streamed again on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.  Please make an effort to pray for each other. Stay plugged in and connected to your LIFE groups.  In fact, the Revelation study LIFE group will be “zooming” starting this Sunday. Don’t feel like you had to start from the beginning.  Mike would love to have you join the study.  Email me (click here) for more information if you are interested in joining this group.

So while you may feel like you’re riding an out-of-control roller coaster, know that the One sitting next to you has the whole world in His hands.  He’s got you.  And He’s got this.  He’ll reward those who choose faith and prayerful dependence over fear.

In service to Him and to you,
Heather Hogue

Weekly Update – March 18, 2020

Sermon Recap:

Title: Looking Out for Others

Passage: Philippians 1:27-2:11

The Context: Christ’s joy in the midst of difficulty

The Call: Experience joy as you live as citizens of the gospel

The Conduct: Display the gospel through humble concern for others

The Challenge: Put Christ and the gospel on display.

While there are plenty of negatives that come with the current situation surrounding the coronavirus, I must admit that I like the way it has brought our family together.  It even helped me write this update.  We sat with three of our four kids home tonight around the dinner table, and I asked everyone to help me think of examples of compassion for the update.  However, I tried to phrase my request without sounding like a Sunday school teacher so I asked, “What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?”  Josh described a time in fourth grade after we had moved from Texas to Washington, DC when a classmate asked him to come sit at his lunch table because Josh was all alone in the cafeteria.  Mike mentioned a time when his parents endured six months of living apart during the week, so Mike wouldn’t have to move his senior year of high school. 

Then I decided to turn the tables and asked, “What has been the nicest thing you have ever done for someone else, outside of our immediate family?” This was seemed trickier and was met by silence at first. However, our daughter, Abby, described how even though she was in a highly competitive advertising program sequence at UT, one semester she took on an additional project– which meant a lot of extra work for her– to help a classmate who didn’t have a partner. I asked why that was so “nice,” and she explained that since the advertising world is so competitive, no one ever really wants to risk helping anyone else. I followed up with, “What do you think made you different than everyone else?  Why were you willing to help?”  And she said something really interesting.  She said, “Well, I guess I was just confident. I knew I was doing well enough in the program, and that made it easier to be willing to sacrifice for someone else. I knew I stood at the top of the program, so I didn’t have to worry.”

Her comments, in light of Matt’s sermon on Sunday, really struck me.  We are told to be compassionate and to love our neighbor.  As we are hearing in the news every day, our compassionate actions (social distancing) can actually save lives. Yet we see people doing just the opposite.  They hoard toilet paper and cleaning supplies or worse– blatantly ignore requests from public officials to limit their interactions with other people. Why is this?

I submit: it is difficult to show compassion if you’re not confident in whom you’ve chosen to follow. If you’re trying to get through this crisis in your own strength, by your own wits, and through your own ingenuity, it’s going to be hard to be compassionate and show the humble concern for others Matt spoke of in his sermon. News flash: you have misplaced your confidence.

There are SO many verses that speak to where we should place our confidence:

Psalms 71:5—For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth.

Jeremiah 17:7 But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.

Hebrews 13:6 So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?”

Luke 18:9-14  The parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector.  As Jesus gets ready to ream the Pharisees for their pride and unrepentant spirits, He starts out by describing their misplaced confidence– “To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else…”

And there are so many more.

To truly be compassionate and show the humble concern for others that our Lord and these times require, we must put our confidence in Him and not in our own flesh.  We should stop trying to manage everything on our own.  It’s impossible in these times anyway.  We need to put our confidence in Christ.  He’s got this. Coronavirus and all.  Then and only then will we have the real freedom to sacrifice in humble concern for someone else.

Save the date/Ongoing:

Well, sadly enough, this section of the update is pretty empty.  This breaks my heart a little as I take the first part of our MBC mission “To glorify God and make disciples by bringing people together through the gospel…” as my personal challenge.  However, we are going to do our best to use technology as a way to bring people together and help keep you connected to the body here at MBC.  We will be live streaming our service again, so look for details about that in the coming days.  In fact, keep checking your email, Facebook, and Realm as we are using these to make sure we get decisions out.  We also have some creative ideas to meet you across the distance using programs and apps like Zoom, FaceTime, Marco Polo, and possibly even our own MBC YouTube channel!  If you have expertise in any of these areas, or you just want to get involved, shoot me an email (click here), and I’ll make sure to include you as we ramp up these offerings.

Final thoughts:

Please know that we are here for you!  We are keeping the MBC office open during its normal hours (9am-3pm), so if you have any needs, concerns, or you just want to talk, give me a call (972-723-0002)!

And speaking of confidence, I’m going to steal Paul’s words, “I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in YOU

will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus” (Phil 1:6).

In service to Him and to you–even during these crazy times,
Heather Hogue

Weekly Update – March 10, 2020

Sermon Notes: I think the most interesting item to me from Pastor Matt’s message on Sunday was the Greek word in Mark 1:41 which the ESV translates as compassion: Σπλαγχνίζομαι–splagchnizomai I love to study words, and I love how Greek and Latin roots often transfer into recognizable modern words.  Anthropology, antipathy, agriculture, democracy…  all those words can be essentially “built” from Greek or Latin roots.  I expected the word for compassion to be the same.  However, that was not the case at all! Σπλαγχνίζομαι—splagchnizomai— when a person feels so moved by something that they can feel it deep in their stomach. Have you ever felt splagchnizomai for someone?  Jesus felt it for the leper in Mark 1.  But what does this feel like for us? Yesterday, while Mike and I were out working in the yard, our neighbor from behind us came out and struggled through tears to tell us his wife had passed away from a massive aneurysm a few days prior. I felt splagchnizomai then. 

They had been married 38 years, and now he was alone.  Even though he loves the Lord, he described how he couldn’t even walk through his house now, how he hasn’t been able to sleep for days, how a husband shouldn’t have to bury his wife.  I had no words.  This world is not the way it is supposed to be.  I felt sick for him. Splagchnizomai.

Another time I felt splagchnizomai was while Mike was in the Air Force.  It was right around November, and Mike and his squadron had just deployed with little notice to an undisclosed location in the Middle East.  We had three kids under the age of six at the time, and for once, they were all healthy.  As wives, we would often use a phone tree to make sure everyone was okay while their husbands were away.  I made my call to the next wife on the tree only to discover that she was stuck in her house with three sick boys, little food, and about to go crazy.  I felt splagchnizomai then, too.

All the way down in my stomach. I knew what I had to do.  I needed to go over, take her some hot dinner, and make sure she and the kids were alright.  I just didn’t want to do it.  I didn’t want to expose myself or my healthy kids to a new illness. But as I sat and struggled with what I needed to do, I came to the realization that the God who created the universe was big enough to keep my kids healthy if I made the choice to serve Him by visiting them.  And even if He did not, He would be there for me if they did get sick.
I don’t know if all these thoughts went through Jesus’ hand when He reached out to touch the leper’s hand.  But I do know it would do us all a good to feel a little more splagchnizomai in our lives–toward our spouses, coworkers, unbelieving friends or relatives.  We probably won’t have to touch a leper, but may we trust that God will give us the strength to do so if He calls us to.

This Friday and Saturday, March 13th and 14th, women from MBC will be attending a “mini-retreat” for the Hope 2020 Conference at The Avenue Church in Waxahachie.  I just checked, and there are just a few seats remaining if you want to join us to hear Liz Curtis Higgs and Lysa TerKeurst.  Get your ticketshere.  We hope you can join us!

Wednesday, March 18th, is our next Family Meal Night!  Please register on the website or in Realm now for a yummy enchilada dinner and surprise Mexican dessert so we know how much food to prepare.  $5 per person, $10 max per family suggested donation.

Opportunities for Service & Discipleship:

We will be putting on an Easter program for inmates and their children at the Venus Correctional Facility on April 4th.  Then, on April 5th, we will have a church-wide picnic and Easter egg hunt.  Both of those activities will require A LOT of candy. We would appreciate any sugary sweets you are able to provide for these events. Please bring donations of candy and/or filled Easter eggs to Heather in the church office or Lydia in the Children’s Ministry wing of the building. Thank you in advance for your help!

Final Challenge:

Remember to pray at 1:11 each day for:

1 person to share your faith with

1 person to come to believe in Christ

1 person to personally disciple in 2021

And pray for opportunities to demonstrate splagchnizomai.  May the Lord give us hearts of true compassion–especially for those who need it most.

In service to Him and to you,
Heather Hogue

Weekly Update – 2/25/19

MBC Newsletter

Sermon Recap–

Those of you who were here on Sunday know that the service was crammed with activity!  From a sermon from Luke, to a role-play of a gospel presentation using an E3 foldable, to a series of testimonies capped off with two baptisms, it was an exciting time.  So in case it was a little more than you could remember, let me recap the message for you!  

First, you might recall that Mike told an awful joke about slamming a cat in a door and then exacerbated the injury with a terrible pun (“catastrophic”).  He got back on track when he reminded us of our MBC vision and goals for 2020. Then, he gave us seven principles for effective outreach based on Luke 10: 1-12.  Those principles were:

  1. Participate! (Luke 10:1) Sharing the gospel is not just for pastors, missionaries and “Big Tent Revival”-style evangelists.  As Pastor Matt often asks us, “Who are the ministers of the church?” Our response is supposed to be a resounding, “WE ARE!”   We cannot have the mindset that we can leave sharing the gospel to others.
  2. Partner! (Luke 10:1) Almost everything from working out to studying for a test is better with someone else.  That person can provide assistance when needed and accountability (aka a kick in the pants) when required.  Sharing the gospel is no exception.  I’ve already written about my dear mentor, Bess, who used to take me door-to-door to distribute Bibles and share the gospel. Find a partner and go together somewhere where you might get a chance to share your faith.  Then go for a coffee or a round of skeet later.
  3. Plan for God to show up! (Luke 10:1 & 16) In the passage, we saw that Jesus sent out the 70 (or 72) to places He was about to go.  God was getting ready to do something big in each of those places. Henry Blackaby says in his excellent book, Experiencing God, “Watch to see where God is working and join Him.” (John 5:17, 19-20) When you’re around people, listen closely for openings in the conversation that show the person might be searching. Have faith that God is working in their lives and you might be part of their next steps with Christ.
  4. Pray!  (Luke 10:2) To help you remember to pray, set your watch alarms to 1:11pm daily!  That will hopefully remind you to pray for:
    • One person to share the gospel with in 2020
    • One person you know or have met to come to faith in Christ in 2020
    • One person to personally disciple in 2021
  5. Provision comes from the Lord.  (Luke 10:4) We’ve given you the E3 foldable, but you really don’t need any special tricks or tools to share the gospel.  God will give you the words and supplies you need.  And if God is calling you to share the gospel in a BIG way like going on a mission trip, trust that He will supply what you need to go.  That’s a promise straight out of Philippians 4:19.
  6. Prioritize those who are open to the gospel.  (Luke 10:5-9) There are those who like to argue theology and the finer points of creationism with unbelievers.  If you feel God calling you to that end, I don’t want to discourage you. But my experience is that those type of arguments are not usually fruitful.  Yes, we need to be grounded in apologetics, but we also don’t need to be drawn into “myths and endless genealogies,” “controversial speculations”, and arguments (1 Tim 1:4).  Pray that God helps you see who is really searching and who just wants to pick a fight with you.
  7. Perceive what’s at stake. (Luke 10:10-12) If we truly believe that there is one way to God and heaven, and that our time here on earth may come to an end at any instant, we need to have a sense of urgency about sharing our faith.  During my sophomore and junior years of high school, I lived in England. Those of you who have been to England know that for all its beautiful churches and cathedrals, it is a spiritually dark place.  While I lived there, I had a British neighbor, Claire, who was my age and with whom I hung out pretty regularly. However, I never had that conversation with her or any conversation about my faith.  I remember thinking, “I don’t need to tell her I’m going to a Bible study tonight. I don’t want to bring up religion.  That might make our friendship awkward. I’ll tell her about my faith some other time.”  I told myself that for two years.  Two years. I was too embarrassed.  Too non-confrontational. Too cowardly to share my faith.  I pray to this day that someone Claire comes into contact with will have the guts to share with her the most important news she’ll ever hear. 

So take seriously your role as disciples of Christ and the Great Commission.  As Geoff Moore sings in a song from his album Threads:

How can this be true? // What kind of place is this? // Where the guilty are Forgiven // Where the blind can see // And losers win // And slaves go free…

Hurry, Hurry! // Drop your stuff, grab your friends // Take everyone we can // Together, we’ll find mercy for all.

We’ll walk, we’ll run, we’ll crawl…

Save the Dates!  (Click on highlighted name to request more information)

Coming UP!

  • TOMORROW (2/26) from 5:30-6:30pm!!!  Family Meal “Soup Night”! Come beat back the cold wind with your choice of soup (chicken noodle, broccoli cheddar, or tomato), grilled cheese sandwiches or garlic knots, salad, pineapple upside-down cake, and a mystery flavor of Kim Lewis’ famous ice cream!  $5 per person, $10 cap per family.
  • March 5th from 6:30-8:30pm at the Midlothian Conference Center, BESTWA  will have its annual fundraising banquet!  Please join Andy Perkins along with other BESTWA team members to hear the amazing things God is doing in Liberia!  From feeding children to distributing much needed medical equipment, BESTWA is truly “Building Liberia’s Future–One Child at A Time.” The dinner is free, but you must RSVP by clicking here. Come find out how you can partner with this well-deserving and Christ-centered organization.  
  • March 9-13th is Spring Break!  No Wednesday night activities this week!
  • March 13th and 14th—MBC Women’s Mini-Retreat at The Avenue Church in Waxahachie.  We have a great group of about 50 women who have already purchased tickets. Click here to purchase yours!
  • April 4th—Venus Prison Ministry Easter Celebration 1-4pm.  Help us give the gospel message to offenders and their children in an “Afternoon With Dad” program at the Estes Correctional Facility. (Bill Curry)
  • April 5th is Palm Sunday! We will be having a church-wide family picnic and egg hunt. (Lydia Weldy)
  • June 6-13th– MBC and E3 Mission trip to Armenia, Colombia. (Jeff Thompson)
  • June 15-19th—Concrete and Cranes Vacation Bible School from 9am-12pm for kids entering kindergarten through sixth grade. Sign you child up on our website and/or volunteer to help on our website and by clicking here.
  • June 20-27th—Red River Valley Honors Youth Camp for rising 7th graders through graduating seniors. (Leah Austin)
  • July 19-26—Possible MBC mission trip with Cru to Albania. (Mary Thomas)
  • July 22-August 3/4—MBC mission trip to Peru (Jeremy Finnestad)


  • MBC Women’s Fitness and Fellowship–Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 9-10am. NOW PROVIDING CHILDCARE!!!  $5 per child. (Heather Hogue)
  • Revelation Family Bible Study–Sundays from 6-7:30pm. (Linda Hachat)
  • YAMs (Young Adult Ministries) social and Bible study—Sundays from 6-9pm. (Corbin Wadkins)
  • Women’s Bible Studies–Wednesdays from 9:30-11am (Do You Love Me? Peggy Arendsee) and 6:30-8pm (Finding God Faithful Lesa Antwine). Sunday mornings from 9-10am (Revelation Pam Curry)
  • Men’s Bible Studies–Tuesday mornings at 6:30am (Keith Hearn) and Thursday mornings at 6am (Dan Baucum). Wednesday evening from 6:30-8pm (Brent Johnson).
  • “Engaging Mind and Culture”–Wednesdays 6:30-8pm. Contact Doug Arendsee.

In service to Him and to you,
Heather Hogue

Weekly Update – 2/4/19

MBC Newsletter

Highlights from last week:

As I have visited with people this week, it seems like many felt Sam Ingrassia’s message was particularly timely and meaningful–partly because I think it is easy to picture ourselves as big, thick blocks of marble.  (Picture Lucy yelling at Charlie Brown, “You blockhead!”) And I think, deep down, we all dream of becoming something significant like La Pieta—the sculpture Michelangelo carved of Mary holding Jesus that Sam referenced so many times in his message.  And like Sam mentioned, the problem will always be transforming a big block of marble into a beautiful masterpiece. As Sam hit his chisel with his hammer from the pulpit, I think I heard other people audibly gasp, like I did, with each hit as we remembered certain painful strikes of the hammer in our own lives.

Bang. The hammer hit the chisel.  A childhood hurt. Off came some marble.

Bang. A broken relationship. Off came another chip of rock.

Bang. A critical medical diagnosis. Bang. A sick or lost child.  Bang. Physical pain. More chips explode from the impact.

Bang. A betrayal. Bang. A disappointment. Bang. A missed opportunity.  Almost like the ticking of a watch go the hammer and chisel—reminding us of the clock-tower from Cinderella about to strike midnight–our time here on earth is limited.  Why does it sometimes feel like each minute is filled with so much pain?

May I encourage you that God isn’t finished with you yet?  And while you may be hurting from the impact of the chisel, your pain won’t last forever. He who began a good work in you will see you through each and every circumstance (Philippians 1:6). 

And if you’re still here walking on this planet, no matter how old, how damaged, or how broken you feel, God still has a purpose for you, or you wouldn’t be here. 

So don’t give up.  All your pain.  All. Of. Your. Pain.  God sees it.  All of it.  Not one of your tears has gone unnoticed by our Savior.  And as He wipes away all of your tears (Revelation 21:4), His gentle hand is smoothing out your rough spots.  It may feel like sandpaper, but He’s using a polishing cloth made of diamonds. They’re sharp, but they’re the best at the job.  And you’re worth it.  


This week is a communion Sunday, and we will also be taking a benevolence offering.  If you know of a member of the MBC body who is struggling with financial or other needs, you can apply for aid from this fund for them.  Contact the church office (click here) for more information.

This Sunday night, there will also be a Community Praise and Worship service at Stonegate Church. Doors open at 5:30pm and the service starts at 6pm.  The Revelation Family Bible study and the Y.A.M.s group (Young Adult Ministry) will also be meeting on Sunday evening.  Pick one of these ways to “fill your spiritual fuel tank” before starting the work week!

If you’re new to the community at MBC, please consider joining us for our Discover MBC class this Sunday (2/9) and next Sunday (2/16) from 9-10:15am in the Hospitality room.  Here you will get a closer look at our mission statement: To glorify God and make disciples by bringing people together through the Gospel and building up mature followers of Christ. You will also get to meet members of the church leadership team, and we’ll feed you breakfast!  Register now on the website or call the church office to let us know you’re coming.

Coming UP!

Mark your calendars for next Saturday, February 15th , and support our MBC Students as they host a Dinner/Comedy Showcase and silent auction to raise money for this year’s youth camp (June 20-27). Tickets are $5 a person, and you can sign up and pay on our website or you can purchase tickets at the door.  Please join them for an evening of good food, fun, and fellowship. Contact Leah Austin (click here) in the MBC Students’ office for more information.

Sunday, February 23rd will feature a baptism at the end of the service.  If you would like to publicly demonstrate your faith this way, please preregister on the website and a pastor will contact you.

Now I’m going to speak directly to our MBC women for a moment.  First, we are offering two new “Fitness and Fellowship” classes led by Ginger Smith.  Come check out our free low-impact strength and conditioning class on Tuesdays and the cardio/step class on Thursdays from 9-10am. If you resolved to get in better shape for the New Year and you’re starting to lose your motivation, come make new friends and get fit with us!

Second, our next MBC Women’s Coffee and Conversations will be in The Hub on Sunday evening, February 23rd, from 7-8:30pm.  I know Elizabeth Reynolds, Linda Bevier, and Rachel Staalsen have something very special planned.

Last, don’t forget to get your tickets for our mini-retreat March 13-14 at the Hope 2020 Women’s Conference featuring Liz Curtis Higgs and Lysa Terkeurst at The Avenue Church in Waxahachie. 

Finally, the next Family Meal Night will be Wednesday, February 26th and if you don’t want us to say, “No soup for you!” you had better register to attend on the website or in Realm so we have enough food. This “soup-themed” evening which will feature chicken noodle soup, tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, a salad, and pineapple upside-down cake for dessert.  Come enjoy dinner before Wednesday night ministries with other members of the MBC family.

So remember, God is smoothing and polishing you into His Poema—His Masterpiece.  You are His workmanship.  Created for the good works He prepared beforehand for you (Ephesians 2:10).  You are a prize sculpture in His art gallery.  You are significant.  Even when you’re experiencing the pain from the chisel, know that He’s holding you.  Tightly.  So the chisel goes where it’s supposed to.  Your pain is not happening by accident.  He won’t ever let you go. And someday He’ll hold you again when we meet Him face-to-face, and He welcomes us home with the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.  Enter into the joy of your master” (Matthew 25:21-23).

In service to Him and to you,
Heather Hogue

Weekly Update – 1/28/19

MBC Newsletter

Highlights from last week:

I hope you were able to join me in listening to Pastor Matt’s convicting message “Come and See—Part 2” about John 4 and the woman at the well.  It included special music by David and Cindy Cox, MBC missionaries who will soon be returning to Brazil, and a special testimony from Amber Knott.  If you missed it, you can find it online in our sermon archives area under “Resources”on the main page.   There are also many other helpful bits of information and tools on our website including a link to create a RightNow Media account, a short gospel presentation you can share with someone who might be searching, a link for electronic giving, and a list of upcoming events. You can even find the “Weekly Update” under “Resources—MBC Family News”! If you haven’t seen our website recently, check it out!  Our IT specialist, Sherri Hatcher, has done a great job creating a useful and beautiful site.

This past Sunday, we had the highest attendance since Mike and I came on staff in July!  351 people were in the Sunday morning service!  Thank you again for moving to the middle of the rows to make room for larger families and those arriving after the service begins.  Thank you also for all you do to make our visitors feel welcome! 

In addition to having large numbers at our Sunday service, we had a busy week of activities!  The MBC Women’s ministry kicked off their study of the book Do You Love Me? By Debbie Swindoll and it’s not too late for you to join!  Peggy Arendsee facilitates this intergenerational study which meets on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11am.  We provide childcare and a light breakfast, so you’ve really got no excuse to stay home!  Hope to see you tomorrow morning at 9:30am in the Hospitality room! 

On Sunday night, MBC women of all ages enjoyed a fun night of BUNCO in The Hub! Congratulations for our winners: Anna Taylor (had the final BUNCO), Courtney Rushing (most BUNCOs), and Angel Flournoy (most games won).  Congratulations also to the biggest loser-Kay Parry–who lost almost every game and even rolled the lowest number during our roll-off.  You might be last in the books, but you’re first in our hearts, Kay!!!

Last week also saw a successful Family Meal Night (although we missed you, Oma!) which served over 119 people a delicious taco dinner.  Thank you to Donna Price and Kim Lewis for their amazing sopapillas and cinnamon vanilla ice cream!  Thank you also to our team of servers which included LeeAnn and Rick Stover, Becky and Ron Sentz, Linda and Randy Pullen, Linda Lowry, Liz Jackson, Elizabeth Reynolds, Darlene Hardy, and the youth clean-up crew.  (Please forgive me if I missed anyone.) You all were incredible.  Our next Family Meal Night will be February 26th, so save the date. While we’re still deciding on a final menu, you can trust that it will be delicious.

Finally, it has been fun to see the response to the other new ministries MBC began offering this spring!  Doug Arendsee has had a great turnout for his Engaging Mind and Culture group which meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8pm.  You can check out his class anytime!  And the Revelation Family Bible Study has been averaging more than 40 people each Sunday evening in the high school room.  Note! This group is not meeting this Sunday night. However, students and seniors alike are welcome and encouraged to join us again on February 9th from 6-7:30pm in the high school room for this in-depth and scholarly study of the End Times. 


On February 9th and 16th, we will have our next Discover MBC class. If you’re relatively new to MBC or you’ve been wondering about how to become one of our “member-partners,” please join Pastors Matt and Mike in the Hospitality room at 9am for a closer look at MBC’s vision, strategies for achieving that vision, and our leadership team.  Please register on the website (click here) or in Realm since we will be providing materials and a light breakfast for those who attend.  It will help us plan better if we know how many people are attending.

Mark your calendars for the MBC Students’ first ever Dinner & Comedy Showcase on February 15th from 5-7pm in the sanctuary. This will be their main fundraiser for the year to support their week of camp and other programming.  (No yard sale this year!  Sorry Pat Riggin!)  Please come out to support them that evening.  They will also have a silent auction, and I’ve heard Kim Lewis is donating two gallons of ice cream in your choice of flavor! It’s almost too good to be true! So bring your checkbooks and show our students some love by supporting them at this event.  Sign up on the website or in Realm (click here), and contact Leah Austin (click here) if you have any questions or would like to help with the logistics of the evening!

February 23rd will be a baptism Sunday. Please preregister in Realm (click here) if you would like to take this step of publicly affirming your faith in Christ, and a pastor will contact you.

Our next MBC Women’s Coffee and Conversations evening will be Sunday, February 26th from 7-8:30pm in The Hub

This will be hosted by Elizabeth Reynolds and Rachel Staalsen.  So far it’s theme is a mystery, but I’m sure they have something fun in store.  Also mark your calendars for the MBC Women’s Spring Mini-Retreat to be held at The Avenue Church in Waxahachie.  We will be attending their Hope 2020 conference on March 13th and 14th as a group.

Tickets are $50 and the speaker on Saturday morning is Lysa TerKeurst.  Purchase your tickets online by clicking here. There is no reserved seating, but they have agreed to set aside a special section for the women of MBC.  We already have over 40 women who will be attending.  If you have not already purchased your ticket, please do so and let the church office know so we can set aside plenty of seats for women from our church to be together.

Other items of interest:

Did you know that we’re growing Y.A.M.s here at MBC?!?!  Not the sweet potato kind, but the Young Adult Ministry kind!  This group is for current college students and graduates as well as young professionals wanting fellowship, Bible study, and service projects.  They meet Sunday evenings at the Flournoy’s home from 6-7:30pm.  Contact Corbin Wadkins (click here) for more information.

The Sunday morning women’s LIFE group will be beginning a study of Revelation on February 16th led by Lynette Green.  They would love to have you join them from 9-10am in room A104. 

Scott and Rebecca Taillon’s Sunday morning LIFE group will be starting a study of couples of the Old Testament.  They would love to have you join them upstairs in room A201.

Scott BeVier’s class in room A101 will soon begin a study of the book of Judges with a focus on the character of Gideon!  If you don’t already attend a Sunday morning LIFE group, come check out one of these!

In service to Him and to you,

Heather Hogue

Weekly Update – 1/21/19

MBC Newsletter


Have you been setting your alarm to remind you to pray for an opportunity to share the gospel with one person in 2020, that one person would come to faith in Christ in 2020, and that God would be preparing one person for you to disciple in 2021?  It’s a good challenge!

It reminds me of when Mike and I were first married, and we were working with the youth group at the Reese AFB Chapel in Lubbock.  I had been meeting with three high school girls regularly for Bible study and prayer, and I thought I had been making real progress. One night, we talked about where they would go if they died. We read verses from the Romans Road (I know, I’m dating myself), and I led them in the Sinner’s prayer. Then, they each voiced their faith in Jesus.  I was ecstatic!  I drove home from our meeting feeling on top of the world.

Until I got a call later that night from one of the girl’s mothers.  She asked if I could write down the words of the prayer we prayed for her, so she and other members of their family could “pray the words that would make sure they got into heaven.”

Bubble burst.

If I had only asked the girls, “What are you seeking?” Then, I would have been able to discern better if they truly wanted to be disciples of Christ or were merely trying to obtain “fire insurance” that would protect them against going to hell.  Yes, Jesus saves us from hell, but He also saves us TO a life with Him and all that comes along with that. 

Live and learn. 


  • Family Meal Night is tomorrow!  We hope you will join us from 5:30-6:30pm for tacos, nachos, sopapillas, and Kim’s famous Cinnamon-Vanilla ice cream.  You don’t even have to stay for any of our Wednesday night programs to take part in the meal–although we certainly hope you will!  I’m sure there’s a class that will help you connect better to the body here at MBC.  We have classes for men, for women, one for parents, and–new this semester–is the class, “Engaging Mind and Culture”! Stick around after your tacos!  Any one of those groups would love to have you!
  • Also starting tomorrow is the MBC Women’s Wednesday Morning Bible Study!  Peggy Arendsee will be facilitating a Bible study using the book Do You Love Me? by Debbie Swindoll.  This study will explore our relationships with God and others, and we will provide childcare AND breakfast!  Come from 9:30-11am tomorrow and connect with MBC women from all generations and walks of life.

The MBC Women’s Ministry will have its Coffee and Conversations: Game Night! this Sunday from 7-8:30pm!  Don’t worry if you’ve been attending the Revelation study!  Mike promised he’d end the bulk of the study by 7pm so we girls can all go over and play BUNCO together!  Bring a snack to share and be ready to win!  Those of you who’ve played BUNCO before know there’s even a prize for the biggest loser, so invite a friend or neighbor to come enjoy a fun evening of fellowship.  Who knows?  Getting them in the door of our church might just be helping them take their next steps in Christ!

If you are interested in possibly taking part in an MBC mission trip to Albania this summer, please stop by the Hospitality room after the service this Sunday for a short informational meeting.  Email Mary Thomas (click here) for more information.

Dave and Cindy Cox are MBC missionaries with the Word of Life seminary in Brazil. They will have a table outside the sanctuary for you to visit them and find out more about their ministry.  This is their last Sunday with us, so be sure to stop by and pick up one of their prayer cards!

The next Discover MBC class will be February 9th and 16th during the 9am Sunday School hour in the Hospitality room. If you’ve been wanting to take your next steps, e.g. becoming a church member/partner, please join Matt, Mike, and other church leaders to learn more about our mission and vision here at MBC.

We will be having a baptism on Sunday, February 23rd if you’d like to take this next step with Christ!  Pre-register on the website (click here) or in Realm if you’re interested, and a pastor will contact you.


MBC Students will be putting on a Dinner & Comedy Showcase on Saturday, February 15th from 5-7pm.  They will even have a silent auction!  This is their only planned fundraiser for the whole group for the year, so I know they’d appreciate your participation in making the evening a success.  Tickets are $5 each and you can purchase them on the website (click here) or in Realm.  Email Leah Austin (click here) in the youth office for more information.

Finally, and I’ll just put it out there because statistics say that there are plenty of people who attend church regularly that haven’t put their faith in Christ, if you think being a disciple of Christ is just about escaping hell, come talk to one of the staff here at MBC.  We want you to know our King and Savior.  Life with Him is not always easy, but He will never leave you or forsake you.  Jesus is so much more than a fire insurance policy.  Come and Seek Him today!

In service to Him and to you,

Heather Hogue

Weekly Update – 1/15/19

MBC Newsletter

Good afternoon all!

You may have noticed that this update is going out a little later in the week than usual…  That’s because my college/young adult children have been home this week, and yesterday at 11pm we were just finishing up an intense game night with them and some of their friends (BTW-Don’t play the game Telestrations with an artist. That’s free advice.).  A couple of years ago, I would have excused myself early in the evening to go work—even if that meant taking time away from family.  Now I know better.  Time with our children goes by so quickly; if you blink you miss it.

In my mind, this ties into the message that Pastor Matt gave this past Sunday. Just like you can sit back and parent without really being present in the lives of your children, you can sit back and be a spectator in your Christian walk.  Showing up on Wednesday nights, occasionally giving to the church, and even filling a chair in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings are all good things, but they shouldn’t be the end-all of our Christian walk.  This attitude of “spectating” is not for mature believers.  Spectating can even lead to an “arm-chair quarterback” mentality. Our own Bill Curry told me just today, “It’s easy to criticize when you’re unhindered by experience and responsibility.” 

Our 2020 vision here at MBC is: Pursue followership over spectatorship by growing disciples who make disciples.  For our walk with Christ to be vibrant and growing, we must actively seek ways to get beyond the role of spectator.  Only by truly following Christ on to the playing field of life can we help others take their next steps in Christ. 

News from last week:

  • If you didn’t notice, last Sunday’s service was PACKED.  Being military, our family moved around a lot, and we visited many churches. Mike and I usually didn’t return to churches where people didn’t make room for our family of six to sit together.  Even worse was when people assumed we’d be comfortable sitting where the empty seats were—you guessed it–right at the front of the church. No one who arrives a little late wants to sit there! So let’s be sensitive to our newcomers and larger families.  Please move to the middle of your rows and leave the back corner rows empty.
  • This past Saturday’s Colombia Chili Cook-Off raised over $3100 for the E3/MBC Colombia mission trip in June!  Congratulations go to Gary “Spurs of Spice” Spurlock for winning the judged portion of the competition.  Peggy “Who Knew that Gurl Could Cook Like That?” was a close second with her delicious white chicken chili.  Dawn “The Dawn of a New MBC Chili Champion” Sanders won third place!  And as I told you previously, you shouldn’t have counted Otto Weldy out just ‘cuz he was a young ‘un!  That boy snagged our hearts and palates with his “Dr. Pepper Chili” which also won him the People’s Choice Award.  Thank you to all who helped by setting & cleaning up, bringing desserts, and purchasing items from the auction.  Who knew Kim Lewis’ ice cream would score the mission team over $400 during the auction!  Or were those just some crazy number tricks to raise the bidding played by auctioneer extraordinaire, April Royal?  I guess we’ll never know for sure.
  • Finally, we had a GREAT turnout for the Revelation Family Bible Study—so much so that we’re going to move the study to the Senior High School room this week to make use of a larger projection screen for those who want to take notes.  Mike will use also use a mike to better increase his chances of being heard.  Please join us this Sunday from 6-7:30pm for an engaging time of Bible study!  Contact Linda Hachat (click here) for more information.


  • Please join friends of Grant Kunz here at MBC this Saturday from 6-9pm for the “Help Grant Kunz Rock His New Stem Cells” fundraiser. This catered event will feature BINGO and a silent auction.  Contact Cindy Fearis (click here) for more information or to purchase a ticket.
  • Our next Family Meal Night will be in one week from today–Wednesday, January 22nd – from 5:30-6:30pm and will feature tacos, nachos, sopapillas, and Kim Lewis’ famous ice cream.  You won’t even need to shell out the cost of a small goat to try it here!  Please make sure to register on the website (click here) or in Realm so we know how much food to prepare! ($5 per person, $10 max per family suggested donation).
  • The MBC Women’s Ministry is gearing up for the spring by bringing you a new morning study (Do Love Me? by Debbie Swindoll) led by Peggy Arendsee.  Join us Wednesday mornings starting January 22nd from 9:30-11am for great teaching from the Word, fellowship, and breakfast snacks.  Childcare will be provided.  Cost is $10 for the book and you can pay and preregister on the MBC website.
  • The MBC Women will also be getting together on January 26th from 7-8:30pm for Coffee & Conversation around a fast-paced game of BUNCO!  I picked up some GREAT prizes (LUSH cosmetics & huge food baskets) at “After Christmas” sales, and you won’t want to miss this time of fellowship and fun.  Invite a neighbor and bring a plate of snacks to share.  Call the church office for more information.
  • The next Discover MBC class will be February 9th and 16th at 9am in the Hospitality room.  If you’ve been wanting to make the jump from spectator to partner (member) here at MBC, this is a great opportunity to explore opportunities to minister, connect with the elders and pastoral team, and learn some of the specific aspects of our policies and doctrinal statement. We will provide a light breakfast both Sundays, so please preregister on the website so we have enough food for everyone!

Finally, as you get ready for the final football game of the season, make it your goal this week and for the rest of 2020 to be a true follower of Christ and not just a spectator!  Get in the game of making disciples!

In service to Him and to you!
Heather Hogue

Weekly Update – 1/7/19

MBC Newsletter

This week’s update will focus on the upcoming Colombia Chili Cook-Off this Saturday, January 11th from 4-7pm! The following people have already registered:

  • Elizabeth “Tastiest Chili This Side of 287” Todd
  • Mary and Bill Curry (aka. The Bonnie and Clyde of Chili)
  • Andy “BESTWA to Make Chili” Perkins
  • Doug “Packin’ the Heat” Roberts
  • Stephanie “There’s No Chill in This Children’s Worker’s Chili” Vest
  • Gary “Puttin’ the Spurs of Spice in That There Chili” Spurlock
  • Former champion and MBC Chili Master, CL Smith
  • Otto “Don’t Count Him Out Just Cuz’ He’s a Young ‘Un” Weldy
  • “The Newcomer” Tabatha Bourgeois

However, we heard this may not be a complete list because some of you tried to register in Realm, but were unsuccessful.  If your name is not on this list and you want to enter your chili, email Cathy Spurlock (click here) ASAP so we can make sure to reserve a spot for you at the judging table.  Emailing Cathy will get you registered, and we will bestow a cool nickname on you for the competition!


  • 4-4:30pm           Entrants arrive with chili and serving utensils in hand
  • 4:45pm              Judging begins
  • 5pm                   Feasting for the rest of us
  • 5:30pm              “Cooling of the Tongues” aka. Jeff Thompson shares the vision for Colombia
  • 6pm                    Live auction.  Items include an
  • Apple TV and a brand new Keurig coffeemaker!                                          

Finally, if you would like to help, but you can’t take the heat, Cathy still needs items for the live auction.  Contact her if you or your business would like to donate an item. You can also bring a dessert to share for the dessert table.

Excited to be a part of the show! 

Heather “I’m From Wisconsin and the Hottest Thing I Know is Melted Cheese, So I’m Bringing Brownies” Hogue