MBC WEEKLY NEWS – sermon recap & news 2/12/21

Sermon recap for last week’s message (2/7/21)

Title: Walking in the Will of God

Passage: Acts 16

  • God’s Clear Will
    • 2 Peter 3:9 (That none would perish)
    • John 6:40 (That all would believe in God)
    • 1 Thess 4:3 (Sanctification / sexual purity)
    • 1 Thess 5:17-18 (Rejoice/Prayer/Thanks)
    • 1 Pet 2:15 (By doing good silence ignorant)

God’s will for our lives will NEVER contradict His will as revealed in His word.

  • God’s Cloudy Will– Acts 16:1-10
    • Be Connected to God
      • Acts 16:6; Proverbs 3:5–6; Romans 12:1-2
    • Be Committed to the Goal
      • Acts 16:3-4; 15:1-2, 25–26, 40
    • Be in Community to help Guide
      • Acts 16:8-10; Proverbs 11:14; 15:22; 24:6
    • Be Courageous to Go
      • Acts 16:10; 2 Corinthians 5:7
    • Be Content to be Grilled
      • Acts 16:16-24; 2 Cor 12:10; 1 Pet 3:14-16
    • Be Confident to give the Gospel
      • Acts 16:25-34
  • Are you ready…
    • To walk boldly by faith even when God’s will is cloudy?
    • To accept God’s will with joy and hope when it’s difficult?
    • To give an answer for your hope?


I don’t have much to add to Mike’s message. You all now know about our terrible “Car Which Shall Not Be Named”–although I’m not sure Mike quite captured my hatred of that vehicle and the struggles it caused to my ongoing sanctification. Be glad for that.

Do you have stories with a similar theme? You feel God leading you to do __________ (fill in the blank). You pray about it earnestly. You feel God leading you in a certain direction. It doesn’t conflict with God’s clear will as revealed in Scripture. You act on what you think was an answer. Then it gets difficult. Then it gets worse. The doubts start. You wonder if you’ve made a mistake. The part of Mike’s message –“Content to be Grilled”— was for you.

Acts 16 describes how Paul and Silas were called by God to Philippi. They listened, obeyed, and did everything right. But when they got there, it was nothing but trouble…not just some inconveniences and annoying circumstances. The “being arrested and locked in stocks” kind of trouble.

Proponents of the “Prosperity Gospel” would say Paul and Silas must have made a mistake. If they were really in “God’s Will,” wouldn’t God have blessed their decision? The answer is a resounding, “NO!”  Following God may mean hard times. It may mean suffering. In fact, Paul even says in Philippians (ironically), “For it has been granted to you that for the sake of Christ you should not only believe in him, but also suffer for his sake…” (Phil 1:29)

Paul and Silas were in the center of God’s will. Just ask the Philippian jailer. Without what happened on his watch and the testimony of Paul and Silas, he and his entire family might never have been saved.

So let me encourage you to hang in there. Maybe this is just a rough patch. However, you need to know it might even get worse. That still doesn’t mean you made a mistake. One consolation is that for the children of God it will get better. You can count on it. It’s just a question of, “When?”

Spotlight on—

  • THE WEATHER!  Look for an announcement tomorrow afternoon about whether we will have in person services on Sunday morning!
  • Next Sunday, February 21st from 6-7pm we will be having a “Concert of Prayer” in the Middle School room. We would encourage all LIFE groups to make this your meeting for the week. Come for a short time of praise and worship and a dedicated time of prayer to our Lord and Savior. This month’s theme is “Racial Reconciliation.” See Lesli Thompson (click here) for more info.
  • Immediately following the Concert of Prayer, we will have an interest meeting for those who would like to partner with First Baptist Midlothian to make quilts for veterans. You will be able to hear the vision of the group’s organizer, Barbara Ross. You will also be able to see some already completed quilts, take part in a quilt strip cutting demonstration, and pick up fabric to take and sew into quilt blocks at home. Meet in room A103 at 7:15pm. Contact me here in the church office (click here) for more information.
  • MBC Women will have a “Clothing Swap” on Sunday evening, February 28th from 6-8pm in The Hub. The evening will even include snacks, fellowship, and door prizes. See details on the MBC Women’s Facebook group. Not a member of the Women of MBC Facebook group? Ask to join and/or contact the church office for more information.
  • We have been designated as a permanent location for the North Texas Food Bank’s Pandemic Relief Mobile Food Pantry, and the next food distribution is Thursday, March 4th from 10-12pm. Please share this information with anyone who might need a little extra assistance. We also need volunteers! Sign up to help at the following link: https://ntfb.volunteerhub.com/event/index/13144426. You must preregister to volunteer. Please consider helping in this valuable ministry we have to feed the hungry in our community.
  • MBC Middle Schoolers will meet here at MBC tomorrow and then go to Urban Air in Waxahachie. The activity runs from 12-4pm and students must have completed a waiver to attend. MBC High School Students will have their monthly service project on Monday, February 22nd from 12-3pm. Contact Zeke or Leah (click here) for more information.

So are you content to be “grilled” for a time here on earth? We were never promised an easy road–even when we’re in the center of God’s will.  If you’re struggling with feelings of doubt or other questions, know you’re not alone. Please reach out to us. We’d love to come alongside to pray and support you.

In service to him and to you,
Heather Hogue