MBC Weekly News – July 16, 2020


Sermon Recap from 7/12/2020:

Persisting in Passing the Baton of Faith—A Study of 2nd Timothy

Week 1 (7/12/20): Fanning Low Embers of Ministry

Scripture passage: 2 Timothy 1:1-8

Situation & Setting

  • Writer — Paul
    • Cling to the promises of God in the face of fear
  • Recipient—Timothy
  • Occasion—So Timothy would not fear or be timid

How do we help fan the flame of timid & fearful minister?

  • Give encouragement that reminds people of their resources for gospel ministry
  • Offer exhortation that inspires people to move forward in dependence on the Holy Spirit

Overview of 2nd Timothy:

  • Guard the Gospel (2 Tim. 1:14)
  • Endure hardships over the Gospel (2 Tim. 2:3)
  • Continue living out the Gospel (2 Tim. 3:14)
  • Share the Gospel (2 Tim. 4:2)


I’ve heard that the way the Lord works in the world is like how a Master Weaver creates a tapestry on a loom.  That became very apparent to me as I sat here writing this update.  The first “thread” in my mind was the fact that I was writing a sermon recap on a series Pastor Matt entitled “Persisting in Passing the Baton of Faith.”  I realized the second “thread” was the fact that today was Midlothian Bible Church’s 47th anniversary.  Forty-seventh anniversary!!!   Passing the baton of faith through 47 years of effective ministry!!!  God wove those two threads together well, don’t you think?

I’m not going to pretend to have had a part in our church’s history (Mike and I joined in 2014 and came on staff just last summer).  To discover more about our church’s heritage, you’ll have to talk Dan & Jeannie Baucum, Kim Lewis, Leah Austin, most of the Ambassadors’ LIFE group, and many others.  However, I did have the honor of attending the homegoing of Ella Curry this past week.  She was a founding matriarch of MBC.  When Dave Wyrtzen described how she and others used to meet and pray in a circle as a home Bible study, I felt like I was looking down on that small group of believers from above—almost like Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas past in Charles Dickens’ famous play, “A Christmas Story.”

I bet there were times that Ella Fern, as Pastor Dave affectionately referred to her, and the other founding members of MBC had the “happy feet” Matt talked about in his message.  My guess is that they suffered “hits” to their faith.  There were probably times they struggled with moving forward.  However, Ella and the others pressed on through whatever fear they might have had and continued to build the kingdom of God here in Midlothian.  What a legacy!  And what a great illustration of people who did not give up on passing the baton of faith.

We’re in a difficult time right now. In fact, if our present condition was a football field, the COVID challenge and the racial unrest in our country would certainly appear as HUGE and insurmountable linebackers–like one of Mike’s favorites Mean Joe Green of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  However, you are not playing for just any team!  And you don’t have just any coach!!! 

Think of it this way: Our coach is the Lord Jesus and the battle is already won!!! We are in the 4th quarter, and there are only minutes left.  We just have to hang in there and keep playing. We know you are struggling.  We know you are lonely. We know you want to meet again.  We do, too.  Just keep getting up to play.  Keep stepping up to the line.  Keep reaching for the ball.  Resist the urge to give in to fear or despair.  Resist the urge to have “happy feet.”  We can do this.  We can finish strong.  Just like Ella Curry and the other saints that have gone before her.


How do we do this when it feels like it’s just too much?  Just like Timothy couldn’t do it alone, neither can we.  The suggestions to invest in a godly mentor (vs 1:3-5), fall back on the influence of a godly family if you have one (3:14-15) , and tap into the power of the Holy Spirit (vs. 1:6-7) that Matt pulled out of 2 Timothy 1:1-8 are just as much for us as they were for Timothy.


MBC At-Large:

  • The elders have decided that we will continue live-streaming only until the end of July.  Mike Hogue will be bringing the message the next two weeks, and we hope you will join us—either live on YouTube or by watching some other time during the week.  To view this week’s message, click here or copy and paste the following address into your browser window anytime after 10:30am this Sunday morning!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G675AeX7nw4
  • Be sure to send us your prayer requests by clicking here so we can lift you up as a staff.  We want to be the prayer warriors supporting you like the ones Paul mentions in 2 Timothy 1:3-5!

MBC Students:

  • THIS Thursday, July 16 from 7-9:00pm, MBC Students will have an “Outdoor Games/Water Night”!  They will have gaga ball, corn-hole, nine-square, volleyball, and a water slide!  Please contact Leah Austin (click here) for more information.  Also, MBC Student Ministry team is super-excited about the upcoming “ONE Weekend” retreat July 30th -August 2nd which will now be held at Camp Lebanon in Cedar Hill!  Look for an email from Leah Austin describing all the fun activities they have planned and other details.  Finally, they will have a meeting for parents on Monday, July 20th, at 7:00pm in the youth room and they’d love to have all parents attend!  If you have questions about these or any other MBC Student activities, please contact Leah Austin using the link above.

Fitness & Fellowship:

  • Our free Fitness & Fellowship classes for women ages 14 and up are back!!!  Come at 4:30pm Mondays or 9am Thursdays for Cardio/Step/Interval training and 9am Tuesdays for a Strength and Stretching workout.  Contact the church office by clicking here for more info.

Christmas in July:

  • This month, we are collecting a special offering to support Bill Curry’s effort to provide over 1000 Christmas gift bags (which include a clear presentation of the gospel message) to the inmates at the Sanders Estes prison in Venus.  Supplies for these gift bags cost approximately $3500.  Please consider donating a special gift for this important outreach ministry by giving online and selecting “Christmas in July” or by sending in a check to the church with “Christmas in July” in the subject line.  Click here to email Chaplain Bill Curry for more information.


Blankets for BESTWA:

  • We are still be collecting new or gently-used receiving blankets (flannel preferred), twin sheets (cotton preferred), quart-size Ziploc bags, rubber gloves, single-use Neosporin/antibiotic ointment sachets, hotel-size bars of soap, stethoscopes (new or used), or blood pressure cuffs.  Call ahead (972-723-0002) and then drop off your items in the church office.

Minor Prophets:

  • Join Pastor Mike Hogue on Zoom this week at 6pm for a study of the book of Habakkuk.  Mike has a special affinity for this prophet.  Join the study Sunday evening to find out why!

With the way this update came together, I can’t wait to see what God will teach me this week from 2 Timothy.  I hope you’re ready for a great series!  I know I am! In service to Him and to you,
Heather Hogue